Samsung S5 G900F flash problem?

hi i have 2 Samsung S5 G900F mobiles i will flash, come this error Mobile 1 Code: <ID:0/008> Removed!! <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Binary Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. <OSM> Please wait.. <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. <OSM> Leave CS.. <ID:0/008> Added!! <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Binary Check MD5.. … Continue reading

file download speed is too low???????

file download speed is too low???????,try to different internet providers- how to solve this problem BY SHAMEER

Repair Imei Alcatel Qcom OT-5042A Done.

Connect the phone powered off with both volume down and up pressed or connect the phone powered off and leave it connected to the usb till it shows the battery/charging screen ; Phone detected (@usb.inf,%usb\composite.devicedesc%;Dispositivo compuesto USB) Preparing to enter download mode; Preparing to open COM964 Connecting; Init; Port opened; Phone detected (@oem226.inf,%qcomdevice90080%;ALCATEL HS-USB QDLoader … Continue reading

Spd 6531 cpu 0000

I want to format mhorse SPD 6531 and the CPU is 0000,what can I do

iCloud Remove Service By Serial Number All Supported 100% Express ——————————————— Check iPhone/iPad iCloud iD By Imei(SN) +UDID ( Name + Mail + Phone) (Fast & Direct source ) Direct to source and best price here! ——————————————— iCloud Remove Tested Service By Serial Number(No iPhone ,No Gsm) Clean/Lost/Erased All Supported 100% Express work fast ——————————————— T-Mobile – USA Android All Model Application Unlock MetroPcs … Continue reading

j500 recovery mode

Hi i have one j500 stuck in logo after flash. i cant enter in recovery or download mode by button combination . only in download mode with micro usb adaptor with resistor. is there any way to force phone from download to recovery on go to recovery after flash? best regards

i need certfile and qcn for G3606 core prime please

hi can you upload one of working cert and qcn backup i use octopus support cert but no service i use sm-g361f file i need more cert for test thank you

need help with xtc2 clip

hi i am new user i need to know how to connect phone to software. when i try to connect i am getting error fastboot doesnt seem to reply